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Preventative animal care

What you need to be doing for your pet.


Vaccines prevent life threatening disease.

We recommend puppies and kittens receive 3 vaccines, ideally at 8, 12 and 16 weeks of age.

A 12 month booster is then given (when the dog/ cat is 16 months of age).  Dogs can be given some of their vaccinations on a 3 yearly interval.


Paralysis ticks are potentially fatal.

There are highly effective monthly and 3 monthly preventative tablets for dogs.

Frontline spray remains the only registered tick preventative for cats.


Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes and is a risk to dogs.

Prevention is via annual or monthly medication.

Intestinal Worms

Puppies and kittens < 12 weeks should be wormed fortnightly and those aged 3-6 months, monthly. 

Adults should be wormed every 3 months.

For Central Coast preventative vet services for your pet, call Terrigal Vet Hospital on 4365 2300.