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My cat Bosco needed a perineal urethrostomy a year ago, a surgery that is needed for male cats who have bladder blockage issues. The surgery itself went well and recovery took longer than I hoped (due to Bosco's neurosis and insistence on licking the surgery site) but everyone at Terrigal Vet Hospital was amazing.

One week after major surgery and the patient is very much enjoying her recuperation. Looking forward to the stitches coming out on Monday and getting some physio going. I'm amazed at Rocket's recovery after bilateral TTA cruciate repairs!

I would just like to say a massive thank you to all the staff at Terrigal Vet Hospital and doctor Anthony who have been absolutely amazing with Buddha. From day one of the accident this team have been so supportive and helpful, from putting up with me being a blubbering mess, Buddhas high pitch whine that you could hear from Terrigal to Gosford. This team has been with us every step of the way. I could not recommend any vet clinic more than this place so if your pooch or cat is feeling down do your furry friend and yourself a favour and take them straight to Terrigal Vet.


I highly recommend this clinic! The staff are so very caring and professional.

Not every trip to the vet ends with a happy result and unfortunately my last visit ended in the loss of our furry family member. I want to say thank you to the awesome staff at this clinic who made such a hard time as comfortable as it possibly could be. It was the most I could ask for in a situation like this and I am grateful Rala's last moments were shared with your team... you all made me feel at home and supported during such a hard time.

Thank you!!!

Dear all my great doctors and super dooper staff at Terrigal Vet Hospital. Thank you for my 14th birthday wishes this evening.
I'm as lively as I was at 14 days old!!!!!